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Why is Beethoven's ghost trio called the ghost trio?

  The Ghost Trio was so named by Czerny because the second movement reminded him of Hamlet's Ghost in Shakespeare. In fact, Beethoven's notes reveal that he was working on (MORE)

How many players are in a trio sonatas?

Usually two melodic instruments and a basso continuo which may be  shared betwixt them.
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What is a creche trio?

  it is the three wisemen in the nativity at Christmas, also known as a magi
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Whose ride does the Kingston Trio compare Charlie's ride to?

Paul Revere: In a vocal bridge between two lines of a chorus in the Kingston Trio's 1959 recording of the song "MTA" (also known as "Charlie On The MTA"), Trio member Dave Gua (MORE)

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Are Sean Kingston and Kofi Kingston brothers?

No, they just have the same last name in the Entertainment business. Kingston isn't their real surname anyway, just a stage name.
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How do you reset an Android trio tablet?

To reset an android trio tablet, first turn the item completely off. From there, turn the tablet back on while holding the volume button all the way up. This should bring one (MORE)

What musical trios were popular in the 1960s?

Some of the popular trios of the 1960s were:    Cream  Crosby, Stills and Nash  Kingston Trio  Peter, Paul and Mary  Bee Gees  Weavers  Supremes  
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