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What are the uses of a mortar and pestle in the kitchen?

The best use is definitely to crush fresh Ligurian basil (together with garlic, oil and pecorino cheese) in order to make the "pesto", a green sauce to be used for pasta's fir (MORE)

What is the function of a mortar and pestle?

They are used for pounding and grinding solid substances to make them into smaller particles for ease of handling etc.
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What is the definition of pestle?

A pestle is a tool used for grinding. It is usually paired with a mortar, which is a solid robust bowl. The pestle is a heavy rod with a rounded end that is used to grind item (MORE)

Where is Apprentice mortar and pestle in oblivion?

There is no set location at Level 5 it will be random loot from dungeons and at Level 6 it will be sold from vendors. Best dungeons to look for them in are Necromancer and Con (MORE)

Use of mortar and pestle?

The mortar and pestle are used to crush solids into powder: it is often used as a symbol for pharmacists in the US, and is the subject of a very funny Danny Kaye wordplay bit (MORE)

How do you use the word pestle in a sentence?

Pestle is both a noun (the object) and a verb (an action) "to pestle" is to grind or pound as if with the object. examples: Her thoughts were pestled by the constant interrupt (MORE)

What is a mortar and pestle and how are they used?

A mortar and pestle is a tool used to grind and mix substances, including chemicals in a laboratory and also food in the kitchen. The pestle is a heavy small bat, made from po (MORE)

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