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What does highwayman mean?

  A highway man is a bandit or raider who would normally tend to stay in one spot on a frequently traveled road, to raid traveling caravans or people with goods. Highway m (MORE)
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The Highwayman paraphrased?

Stanza 1 This stanza tells about the setting of the poem. The setting is dark, windy and cloudy. The highwayman is riding up to the inn. Stanza 2 The appearance of the hig (MORE)
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What is the summary of the highwayman?

The highwayman finds and falls in love with an innkeeper's daughter called Bess. He asks her for a 'last kiss' and then leaves to steal money (as he is a highwayman). The ostl (MORE)
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Who was Bess from The Highwayman?

Bess in the poem The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes was an inn keeper's daughter who loved the highway robber. She sacrificed her life to save her lover who anyway after her death (MORE)

When did the highwayman die?

Well, the classic highwayman didn't really die out till after WW II but non-typicial highwaymen still exist today. Most are actually robbing military shipments or drug dealers (MORE)

What is a highwayman?

It means someone who robbed travelers in the pre-automobile days. It can also mean a highway patrol, or D.O.T. officer, in trucker lingo.
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