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IS the movie last of the dogmen a true story?

No, Last of the Dogmen was not based on a true story. The film was  written and directed by Tab Murphy in 1995 and the story that is  told within the film is his creation wh (MORE)

What is wrong with someone who believes their lies are true?

Deep down they don't believe their lies are true. Somewhere inside them - unless they are insane or suffering from delusions - they know they are lying and they will despite k (MORE)
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Does true love last forever?

If it is "true" love, yes it is forever. The trouble is knowing if it is true love.
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Do you believe Jehovahs Witnesses are the true faith?

There are many, many faiths, but are you talking about ...the true Christian faith? ...or the true footstep followers of Jesus Christ and worshipers of the almighty God, Jehov (MORE)
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What do you call a person who believes something that is not true?

You just call it a real person. Everyone believes in something that  they think is true even if other people don't. Or you could just  call it a "____-believer." I don't kno (MORE)

Is it true that HG Wells did not believe God exists?

  To a large extent, yes. H. G. Wells was brought up a strict Christian, but gradually began to reject the Christian God in favour of a 'personal' God. He would later rep (MORE)