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What does alway the consummate gentlemen mean?

To put it simply, a consummate gentlemen is a perfect gentleman. Being of noble birth used to be a requisite criteria for a gentleman, however, that is no longer the case. A (MORE)

What guns are used in the movie the league of extraordinary gentlemen?

In the shootout scene at the Kenyan lodge, one of Fantom's men uses a C/96 Mauser pistol when trying to assassinate Quartermain. Quartermain uses a .455 Webley revolver, and h (MORE)

What is comedy?

Comedy is humor; the amusing aspects of something. It can be aprofessional entertainment, with jokes and visual humor, or it canbe a funny story or book or play.
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What did the British mean by Gentlemen Warfare?

Gentlemen warfare refers to how the battle is conducted and the behavior and conduct of each soldier on the battlefield. For example, quarters shall be given to all surrenderi (MORE)