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Are animals left handed or right handed?

interesting one! Polar bears are notorious for being left handed. Also the majority of horses are left handed, though you did get a few right handers. Humans of course are m (MORE)

Is there a right and left hand batter?

You are referring to being ambidexterious or switch hitting which is highly prized in the sport of baseball as a batter usually has a higher statistical chance of successfully (MORE)

What does it mean to 'not let your left hand know what your right hand doeth'?

  This reference needs to be considered in context to be properly appreciated:   Matthew 6:1-4 - "Take heed that you do not do your charitable deeds before men, to be s (MORE)

Are monkeys right or left handed?

They can be both just like humans. However, most primates are left handed although humans and chimpanzees are mostly right handed. And then there are those who have no hand pr (MORE)

Was Hitler right or left handed?

Hitler was right-handed, if you look at pictures of him signing the 1938 Munich pact you can clearly see signing with his right hand.
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Is napoleon left handed or right handed?

I think napoleon is left handed because i looked it up on the internet.You can look it up on the internet but I am sure that it will say napoleon is left handed.Ok so that is (MORE)