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How long is a horses memory?

  A horse's short term memory is about a minute or less. A horse has a really long long-term memory. That's why it's hard for them to unlearn things, especially somethin (MORE)

How long is the memory span of a guppie?

Quite a long time but also take into consideration that a long life for a guppy is around 2 years. They quickly learn and remember who feeds them and where to go for food. The (MORE)

How long is a chickens memory?

Long enough to learn memory based "tricks" for food. They will remember a single person for at least 2 weeks.
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How long does a memorial service last?

The amount of time that a memorial service will last will depend on  the deceased person's friends and family. In most cases it takes  about 2 hours depending on the speaker (MORE)

How long are rabbits memory spans?

It's about 4 minutes, but your rabbit will remember repeated things like getting treats or petting them, just treat them with love and care and you should have no problems wit (MORE)
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How long is a parrots memory span?

Parrots have a sharp memory when it comes to certain events. Because they are trainable and able to learn new words, songs, or sounds, their memory is measured relative to the (MORE)

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