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Ernest Hemingway lost generation?

-after WW I -no longer relying on tradition -aimless life -feeling of being out of place -wandering around the world human being (s) -destructiveness -false commun (MORE)

What was the lost generations of aborigines?

More commonly called the "Stolen Generation(s)", this refers to a time in Australia's history where indigenous Australian children were removed from their parents during early (MORE)

What was the lost generation?

The Lost Generation was the name given to the men who came back  from fighting in World War I. They were disillusioned and  depressed, because the fighting was unlike anythi (MORE)

Who is the lost generation in Australia?

The lost generation refers to aboriginal children that were removed from their families between 1885 and 1969. They were removed in order to prevent any influence by the abori (MORE)

What was the Lost generation attacking?

The Lost Generation attacked the status quo, which they no longer  believed in, as a result of World War I. They rejected the  traditional values like courage and patriotism (MORE)

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