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How much is a silver maple leafs?

The cost of a Silver Maple Leaf varies depending on multiple factors, including year, mintage and condition. Check out the Silver Maple Leaf page at for more about t (MORE)

Why are the maple leafs not called the maple leaves?

First of all, Leaves have alternate meaning of leaving. So Maple Leavers don't sound so good. Secondly, it represents the maple leaf, which is a symbol of Canada, and on our C (MORE)

What do you do with maple leafs on Maplestory?

Since Jubilation (Maplestory's 6th aniversary) is going on right now. Every monster drops Maple Leaves. If you talk to Cassandra (she's in every major town) she could transfor (MORE)
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How popular was the maple leaf rag?

The maple leaf rag was never very popular. While it did have a niche market, it never became a wide spread or hip item to have. Over time it has lost additional popularity.
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What color is a maple leaf?

  They can be nearly any color. There are over 300 species of maple, and thousands of cultivars. The leaves range from greens to reds, purples, and sometimes oranges and y (MORE)