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What was a death mask used for?

The Death Mask is used by the Egyptian Pharoahs when they died, this was so that they could have welth in the afterlife. The death mask really is magnificent even to someone w (MORE)

How do you get all four death masks in resident evil 1?

Each death mask is located in different areas of the mansion. The first one you get to get is where you use the Herbicide. The 2nd one is in the knight's room near Richard. Yo (MORE)

How do you get to Death Mountain in Majoras Mask?

There is no Death Mountain in Majora's Mask, there is a similar place with Gorons inhabiting it called Snowhead. To get there you need to complete the Southern Swamp, and use (MORE)

Why did the Egyptians wear death masks?

  The Egyptians wore death masks because they believed in the afterlife. They believed that the soul only came back to the body if it could recognize it. The death mask wa (MORE)

What do the colours on the Death Mask represent?

They were gold so that the deceased could have the blessings of Ra, the sun god. They believed that gold, since it shone like the sun, had been blessed by the great sun god. (MORE)

What is a death mask?

A death mask is a mask that gives the dead a face in the after life.  In the 1800's it was common to make a plaster mask of a person that had just died. One of the more famo (MORE)

Why did they paint Egyptian death masks?

They painted Egyptian death masks because the entire body was covered in linen fabric, covering the face. So when the Gods went to retrieve the deceased they used the face mas (MORE)