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What is the Matrix to Liberty?

The Matrix to Liberty is a statue in a Massachusetts neighborhood. It is not widely known; however, a recent movie/documentary about the Pilgrims called "Monumental" is bringi (MORE)

Who discovered the matrix?

The first use of matrices to solve equation was back in 300 BC in a Chinese book called Nine Chapters of Mathematical Art by Chiu Chang Suan Shu. They did not use the name m (MORE)

What is the payoff matrix?

A payoff matrix is a decision analysis tool that summarizes pros and cons of a decision in a tabular form. It lists payoffs (negative or positive returns) associated with all (MORE)

What is bone matrix?

  Matrix is formed by osteoblasts, Matrix is the material located between the cells. This intercellular substance contains large quantities of collage, a fibrous protein t (MORE)

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What is the matrix about?

the matrix is the theory that the world as we know it today is really a computer program created by the "machine overlords of the future". it is believed to be used to keep hu (MORE)

Is the matrix real?

  It depends which "matrix" you are talking about. In biology, there is an extracellular matrix (ECM) that helps provide support and structure for adjacent cells in tissue (MORE)
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What is the extracellular matrix?

The extracellular matrix refers to the extracellular part of the tissue. The extracellular matrix gives support to animal cells; and it is the base of the connective tissue of (MORE)

What is matrix in mathematics?

A matrix is a field of numbers with rows and columns (see example below). They can reperesent many different things and have numerous applications, especially in computer scie (MORE)