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Who was the character Bret Maverick based on?

For the TV series: No one. The character was never based off of anyone real and was never intended to be. For the motion picture starring Mel Gibson: His character of Bret Mav (MORE)
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Where is the obd plug on a ford maverick?

It does not have one as it does not have an ECU if you are asking about the North American Maverick. The European Maverick OBD plug is located on the driver's side under the e (MORE)

What is mavericks rank in top gun?

Have not found out the correct rank so far. When in the bar mavericks rank insignia shows a single star for general. He is refered to as lieutenant
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How did the mavericks get their name?

  In 1980 a Dallas radio station had a contest to help name the team. 41 people turned in the name "Mavericks" out of 4,600 entries. The committee chose the name and recom (MORE)