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How do you change side mirrors?

take off door panel(snap on/off) use wrench to unscrew bolt from inside door. mirrors are sold seperate. when unpacking mirror check how it fits togeather. take old mirror off (MORE)

Why is that small circle mirror in the side mirror?

The answer lies in the divine power of the atypical hairpin. Hairpins are mythical, mystical, and magical. Delving into their mysteries at the risk of my life and sanity, I de (MORE)

How do you replace the side mirror on a Ford Expedition?

This is how to replace the passenger mirror assembly on 2005 Ford Expedition XLT. I could not just find the mirror - I had to purchase the entire mirror assembly. The assembly (MORE)

How do you replace the side mirror on a Nissan pickup?

general side mirror replacementINSIDE the door,(front lower corner of window),is a plastic triangle.most just snap in,but some are attached with screws(screws sometimes covere (MORE)

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Can you get a ticket for a cracked side view mirror?

  Answer   Yes you can, but most police officers will give you a warning to get it fixed (some will ask you prove you did have it fixed) and you should get it fixed!
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How do you get rid of cracks in the side of your lips?

Try applying honey to the affected area twice a day for about 15mins each time. Sounds strange, but the natural benefits of honey will work wonders. Takes a few days, but the (MORE)