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What is wrong with the doll in the land of misfits?

In the original Rudolf from 1964 she was "The Doll with No Eyes." She literally had no eyes, but she'd still cry tears that came from the vicinity of her face where her eyes w (MORE)

What Powers Do The Misfits Get In Season 3?

Nathan is a magician in Las Vegas (with Marnie and Nathan Jr). Curtis can swap genders, but later gets the power to resurrect dead people and animals. Alisha can 'step in some (MORE)

What is the misfit?

a misfit is when a person don't feel like he or she does not belong somewhere or when a person feels different about themselves.

What is a misfit sentence?

it is a sentence that is not related to the paragraph. EX. Vegetables are good to eat. They are healthy and contains many vitamins and minerals. They can make us grow tall, (MORE)
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Who is that masked guy on misfits?

It is the Future Simon as we see in Episode 3 Alisha wakes up and he tells her the future is differnet and he went back in time 2 save them :D
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