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What does love muffin stand for?

L.eague O.f V.illainous E.vildoers M.aniacally U.nited F.or F.rightening I.nvestments in N.aughtiness
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Do I take muffins out of muffin pan directly after baking?

It really depends on how well you want them done. The muffins will continue to bake until the pan the cools (granted at a much slower pace than in the oven). If you find that (MORE)
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What are types of muffins?

Some common types are banana, blueberry, chocolate chip, apple, lemon, poppy seed, cinnamon, cinnamon chip, cinnamon apple, cinnamon nut, cinnamon cinnamon, double cinnamon, (MORE)
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How many calories are in a Costco muffin?

There are anywhere from 610 calories to just over 1,000 depending on the flavor of the muffin. Specifically, poppy seed muffins weigh in at 610 calories and 32 grams of fat (6 (MORE)
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What is an English muffin?

In England a muffin is a yeast raised type of bread bun. It is baked in a mould and is usually flat on top and bottom with slightly bulging sides. It is not seeded but sometim (MORE)
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Is there a difference between cupcakes and muffins?

Yes, Muffins have different top to them, and muffins are typically  not as sweet as cupcakes. They are also made slightly differently  and cupcakes have frosting and muffins (MORE)
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What is the recipe for muffins?

Go to and search "muffins". Or............ Go to, and in the "advanced recipe search" box, type in "muffins". ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (MORE)