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How was a pharaoh' s tomb furnished?

A Pharaoh's tomb would have all of his belongings in it, including clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, chairs, headrests, food, a bed, staues of himself and of the Egyptian gods, as (MORE)

Does Tomb Raider have zombies in it or mummies?

It has Mummies but NOT zombies. The Mummy's appear in tomb raider 1 and tomb raider anniversary(which is a brilliant improved version of # 1).
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What sorts of things were placed in the tombs with the mummies and why?

they buried the pharaohs with many things... riches, food, animals, and sometimes even a boat so they would be able to travel in the after life. the reason they buried these t (MORE)

Why was a boat placed into the tomb of the mummy?

because when they die they belive they live again so they live a boat for the dead person to escape,from the Philipins
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What is a mummy?

A mummy is a dead person who needs to be preserved. This was most oftenly practiced by the Ancient Egyptians.  They did this because the person needed to be recognizable  (MORE)

What is a tomb?

  A tomb is a place to lay the dead to rest. It can take almost as many forms as can be imagined.   Answer   A tomb is a place where the dead are put, or "laid to (MORE)

In sims 3 world adventures in which tomb is the mummy?

There is one in one of the pyramids next to the Great pyramid..... In every tomb there is a mummy you find it in the end after finding all treasures and after finding all th (MORE)
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