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Why is murder wrong?

Because it is against the law to commit murder, and because it isn't your life to take, only God can take someones life. No one has the right to take it upon themselves to (MORE)
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Why was rasputin murdered?

Because the people of Russia thought he was taking over Russia and becoming a BIG influnece on the tzar. The people also thought the tzar's wife was having a affair with Raspu (MORE)

What is 'murder' in Italian?

Omicidio is an Italian equivalent of 'murder'. It's a masculine gender noun that takes as its definite article 'il' ['the'] and as its indefinite 'uno' ['a, one']. It's prono (MORE)

Who murdered osiris?

  His brother Seth. It is said that he cut Osiris into pieces and hid them in 14 different locations. Osiris' wife Isis recovered them and put them to together to make the (MORE)

Who was the murderer in Murder Most Foul?

Amateur detective Miss Marple, the only member of a jury to vote "not guilty" in a murder trial, decides to find the real culprit on her own when a mistrial is declared. Along (MORE)
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What is complicity to murder?

Complicity to murder is when you have something to do with the murder... EX: if you set up two people to meet and one of them gets killed you are guilty because if it would ha (MORE)
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How were the notzies murdered?

it's the Nazis. and they weren't murdered. some were punished after the war. Germany was forced to pay massive fees for losing the war called reparations, and they slowly just (MORE)

Who was the murderer in and then there were none and why?

Judge Wargrave was the murderer in And Then There Were None. He always had a sadistic desire to kill those who were guilty of their crimes. In the novel, he discovers he has a (MORE)