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How does film music get put in a film?

It is on a sound track, a separate but joined strip of film that contains the sound component. Electronics pioneer Lee De Forest is often given credit for the synchonized soun (MORE)

Why is music important in films?

Music is important in films because it creates an atmosphere, and tells the audience what emotions they should be experiencing. It adds scale and dramatises events E.g. Someon (MORE)

Why is music used in films?

music is an important part of a film, it sets the tone for each scene, and action. even whendialogue is not present the music tells a major part of the story, feelings. the mu (MORE)

Why is Music so important in film?

music is important in a film because music changes the audience's emotions which give them a more positive view on the film by varying the music, either to make the audience h (MORE)

Where Was The Railway Man Film Filmed?

The Railway Man was Filmed in Bo'ness Originally Called Borrowstouness The maker was colin firth and most of the scenes where filmed on the kinneil Railway Station In The Town (MORE)

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