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Who is Mrs Sisyphus?

Mrs Sisyphus, is the wife of Mr Sisyphus who was punished by the Greek Gods for taking over Zeus' throne and told all his secrets also he seduced his niece. Mrs Sisyphus was (MORE)

What is a task of Sisyphus?

A hard never ending task, referring to Sisyphus from greek mythology who is doomed forever in hades to roll a stone up a hill for betraying a secret of Zeus's

Who are Tantalus and Sisyphus?

Tantalus and Sisyphus are two characters from Greek mythology who were punished in the Underworld eternally. Tantalus was made to stand under a fruit tree and in a puddle of (MORE)

What happened to Sisyphus?

Sisyphus was forced to keep doing the meaningless task of pushing a boulder up a hill and watching it roll back down. (This was supposedly his punishment for believing himself (MORE)

What is sisyphus' punishment?

he had to push a heavy round rock up a steep hill and couldn't leave until it reached the top. unfortunately he never did. :'(
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Who is sisyphus wife?

Merope, the daughter of the Titan Atlas. Other lovers of Sisyphus  included Tyro (she killed her two sons by him) and Anticlia (mother  of Odysseus).
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What was Sisyphus crime?

As a punishment for his trickery, King Sisyphus was made to roll a  huge boulder up a steep hill. Before he could reach the top,  however, the massive stone would always rol (MORE)