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How is the nightlife in Orlando?

Orlando paintballit is good. there is always something to do. downtown is buzzing from Thursday to Saturday night with the various clubs. Orlando Paintball is open 7 days a we (MORE)

Who is vittorio Orlando?

He was the Prime Minister of Italy after World War 1  He, along with Woodrow Wilson, Georges Clemenceau and Lloyd George, decided Germany's fate after WW1.
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Why was Orlando named Orlando?

Because Juan Ponce De Leon Had A Friend named Orlando and he died 1512 and so he named it after his friend Uh, NO! Orlando was named after a soldier -- Orlando Reeves -- who w (MORE)

What is Orlando?

Orlando, Florida is a city in central Florida that is home to large amusement parks like Disney World and Universal Studios.

Things to do in Orlando?

There are a ton on things to do in Orlando, check out, Check out Mauiva Air Tours, they fly guests via private airplane over Orlando. It's amazing a (MORE)

Who was Vito Orlando?

Vito Orlando was an Italian leader during World War 1. He was  responsible for Italy leaving the triple alliance in 1915 after  Italy did not get the land it was promised by (MORE)

How do you spell Orlando?

That is the correct spelling of the proper noun Orlando (a given name, a city in Florida).
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