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What is a paladin in dragon quest 9?

A paladin is one of the vocations that you have to unlock. A paladin is a holy knight - in DQ9 a Paladin is your 'tank', he or she protects his or her companions by intercepti (MORE)

How do you become a paladin in dragonfable?

This is what i have been told... Go to Artix in Necropolis.Complete all of his quests. then click the button that says become a paladin. give him one undead slayer badge to (MORE)
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What was paladin real name?

Bobby Paladin's real name was not Bobby. Much of Paladin's mystique was that we never knew his name or much of his origins. Some of this was addressed in the first episode of (MORE)

What is the best bg paladin spec?

Holy. If you know how to heal, you will be your faction's best friend. My guild tells me they can tell who will win a BG: Whichever side has the fewest ret pallies.
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