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Who makes the palazzo hotel mattress?

I just called the Palazzo because my wife wants to go purchase the mattress that Palazzo uses (she loves them!). They said it is a Sealy Encore CSS Plush Pillowtop. King part (MORE)
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Can a petite woman wear palazzo pants?

Absolutely. As a petite lady myself I have a black pair from Dorothy Perkins. If you are going to wear palazzo pants you must team them with a pair of heels and a tucked in to (MORE)
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What are Palazzo Pants?

Palazzo pants are very wide legged trousers, sometimes so wide in the leg that they can be mistaken for a maxi skirt. They were very popular in the 70's alongside the flare, b (MORE)

Can you wear palazzo pants to formal ball?

I saw in the Speigal catalog dressy palazzo pants that were very nice. I am always looking at these because my mom wears them and the ones I saw could go to a formal ball with (MORE)

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