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Did Baker Gun Co make a 16 gauge W S Paragon shotgun with a 28 inch barrel?

  Answer   In answering the question did Backer Gun Co. make a 16 gauge W S Paragon shotgun with a 28 inch barrel? Yes they did make W S Paragon 16 gauge with a 28 i (MORE)

What is the definition of paragon?

A 'Paragon' is a exemplary instance of a concept. For example, if someone were to be referred to as a paragon, they would be considered an perfect example of a person. The de (MORE)

Who manufactured paragon shotguns?

The Paragon was a high grade shotgun made by the Baker Gun & Forging Co. of Batavia New York. They went out of business, I believe, sometime during the early 1930's. I'm suppr (MORE)
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Where can one get the Paragon catalog?

One can acquire the Paragon catalog in a number of ways.   One can be requested via the official site, or by using the contact us section of the site after which one shall (MORE)
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Explain what is the meaning of Catalyst of Change Paragon of Excellence?

A catalyst of change is and event or thing that brings about some sort of change. Similar to how a biological catalyst can be an enzyme or for example, The Real World was a ca (MORE)

Where can you find information about a 16 gauge Paragon Model WS single barrel shotgun?

  Answer   In answering this question first I would like to say, I have got a W. S. Paragon 16 gauge full choke with a 28 inch barrel and I love it.The W S Paragon (MORE)

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