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Who played the twins in The Parent Trap?

The original 1961 Parent Trap the twins were played by Hailey Mills.In the 1998 remake of the Parent Trap the twins were played by Lindsay Lohan.
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Is there a parent trap 2?

There isn't a sequel to the 1998 version with Lindsay Lohan, but  the original Parent Trap from 1961 did have a sequel; actually, it  had THREE sequels: "The Parent Trap II, (MORE)
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How many movies of the parent trap were there?

Not counting sequels, there have been two versions of "The Parent Trap".   (1961) Starring Hayley Mills   (1998) Starring Lindsay Lohan   Counting Sequels, there was: (MORE)

Who Played Annie and Halie From the Parent Trap?

Lindsay Lohan played both twins in the remake of The Parent Trap. Hayley Mills played the twins in the original.
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Who is Annie Oakley from parent trap?

She is an American sharpshooter from around the late 19th century to the early 20th century. She participated in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show as a starring role and she got m (MORE)

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