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Does America have a Parliament?

Technically, yes, the U.S. does have a "parliament", but most Americans called their national legislature "congress" to be exact with the naming of the U.S. legislature.
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Why do we need a Parliament?

you need a parliament to ensure that you have freedom of speech,  movements and association, and to ensure that there is no misuse of  authority by elected leaders as consti (MORE)

What does a speaker in Parliament do?

The speaker is elected by Parliament to organise the debates, control the members and their language, announce the results of votes and so on.
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What is the definition of parliament?

  The British Legislature Parliament refers to the legislative body in many different  countries, but the majority of the time Parliament is referring to  the legislat (MORE)

What does the European parliament do?

Broadly, the European Parliament exists to ensure that the  interests of the average citizens are represented at the  decision-making level in the European Union.  More spe (MORE)
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What is a whip in Parliament?

Parliamentary Whip - A party manager in Parliament who is responsible for organising members of his or her party to take part in debates and votes, and who assists in arrangin (MORE)

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