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What is passion of the Christ about?

In the Bible the events of Jesus' death are only Minorly described. "Passion of the Christ" uses historical facts to display how torturous the death of Christ was literally, a (MORE)

What language is the passion of the Christ in?

The Language used was Aramaic as this was the language normally spoken by Jesus Christ and his disciples. Aramaic is related to Arabic and is still spoken even today in parts (MORE)
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Who is the scary man is passion of Christ?

There seemed to be a lot of scary men in The Passion Of The Christ, but I think you may be referring to the fact that Satan is depicted rather scarily in the film. Actually pl (MORE)

What is the Passion of Christ?

  A movie.   Answer   This refers specifically to Jesus' sufferings leading up to and culminating in His terrible crucifixion and death on the cross of calvary.
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