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Where is the Sailcat musician Court Pickett?

After Sailcat disbanded Court moved to Charlotte, N.C. in 1977 and played with one of the popular "Beach Music Bands", The Tempests for 12 years. He also sang and did session (MORE)
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Did George pickett own slaves?

Well, he is a Confederae general so... PROBABLY!   Probably not. It is a known fact that Pickett did not like slavery. He was probably the most anti-slavery senior commande (MORE)

Who plays Bailey Pickett on the Suite Life On Deck?

Debby Ryan plays Bailey Pickett, one of the main characters of The Suite Life Series. She is a smart, kind-hearted girl from a small farm town in Kettlecorn, Kansas. Because s (MORE)

How did bill pickett die?

In March 1932, Pickett tripped while roping a and fell under the horse, which kicked him in the head. For the next 11 days he clung to li (MORE)

Who won picketts charge?

The Union Army defeated the Confederate attack known as Pickett's charge. It is considered to be the decisive point in the battle of Gettysburg.
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Why was George Pickett important?

He led Pickett's Charge in the Battle of Gettysburg on the third day which determined who would win
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Did George Pickett lead the Battle of Vicksburg?

No, Major General George Pickett was in command of a division of Longstreet's I Corps in the east with Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. At the time of the Vicksburg Campaign h (MORE)