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Who won picketts charge?

The Union Army defeated the Confederate attack known as Pickett's charge. It is considered to be the decisive point in the battle of Gettysburg.
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Did George pickett own slaves?

Well, he is a Confederae general so... PROBABLY!   Probably not. It is a known fact that Pickett did not like slavery. He was probably the most anti-slavery senior commande (MORE)

Where is the Sailcat musician Court Pickett?

After Sailcat disbanded Court moved to Charlotte, N.C. in 1977 and played with one of the popular "Beach Music Bands", The Tempests for 12 years. He also sang and did session (MORE)

How did picketts charge happen?

Pickett's Charge was a last-ditch attempt by a desperate Robert E. Lee to defeat General George Meade a the Battle of Gettysburg. Lee sent 15,000 men uphill through an open fi (MORE)

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