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What do you do on Catholic pilgrimages?

The Answer is not so much of "what do you do?" as if it were a mere activity, but rather "How should I be disposed during a Catholic pilgrimage?" or any religious pilgrimage f (MORE)

What is the pilgrimage of grace?

A rebellion against Henry VIII in 1536. In more detail: The Pilgrimage of Grace is the title given to a widespread revolt against the rule of Henry VIII. The Pilgrimage of (MORE)

Is a pilgrimage big?

The word "pilgrimage" usually describes a journey taken for a religious purpose. Depending on the pilgrim, a pilgrimmage could be a short distance or a long distance, could ta (MORE)

Why is the Lourdes pilgrimage a place of pilgrimage?

In 1858 the Virgin Mary appeared to Bernadette Soubirous in Lourdes, France. Bernadette was instructed to dig, a stream of water miraculously appeared, and is claimed to have (MORE)

When were pilgrimages popular?

  They still are, and their popularity has increased exponentially in recent years. Look at the stats page on to see the dramatic rise in numbers of pilgrims i (MORE)

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What do Buddhists do on the pilgrimage?

There is no prescribed pilgrimage in Buddhism. Nevertheless, some  Buddhists elect to visit places that were important in the  development of Buddhism. The two most popular (MORE)