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What is the myth about Samson that loses his powers when he gets a hair cut?

Samson is a semi-God. The myth goes that Samson is a man who lives  in a town ruled by a cruel king, but as Samson took care of the  town's enemies, the king grew jealous of (MORE)
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What power does love have over death in the myth origin myth?

The power of love is the motherly love that Demeter had for her daughter, Persephone and the love that Uncle Hades, King of the Underworld had for Persephone, because he wante (MORE)

Can a myth have dialogue?

Yes, a myth can contain dialogue. One example of this is Aesop's fable, "The Donkey and the Grasshoppers". There is only one line of dialogue, since the story is only a few se (MORE)

What is a creation myth?

A creation myth is a story of how the Universe, Earth, and life came to be. It represents the religious, moral and spiritual views of a certain culture or society. Creation (MORE)

What makes a Greek myth a myth?

A myth is a traditional story that explains a natural or social  phenomenon and usually involves supernatural beings. Greek myths  involve the Greek gods and demi-gods and e (MORE)

What is and example of a myth?

By "myths" it could mean things like Homers "Oddesy" (Homer being the Greek poet, not the yellow TV cartoon) which is a story about the Trojan war. (You should look up the Odd (MORE)

What did Hercules do in the myth?

Hercules means glory of hera to appease hera because he was the son of one of many of Zeus affairs. Hera cause much trouble to Hercules making him kill his family n stuff he w (MORE)