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When did Fidel Castro get released from prison?

In trial, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. He only served 2 years and escaped to Mexico in 1955. The reason for that was because Fulgencio Bastista had plans to have Ca (MORE)

How do prisoners advance their date of release?

It really depends on how long certain prisoners stay. For example, if someone is Serving a 60-year sentence, it wouldn't be likely to get out of jail (its no difference agains (MORE)

When did Griselda Blanco get released from prison?

Answer   On June 7, 2004, she was deported back to Columbia. Her remaining three sons were earlier deported to Columbia, and they were assassinated days after arriving. N (MORE)

Can you get released from prison for a funeral?

This will depend on the criminal law in your country, however, you are not entitled to get permission. To be out of prison for any funeral, it is also up to the prison authori (MORE)

Why did Adolf Hitler get released early from prison?

Just like today, you got released early when you behaved yourself  and when you had served a certain part of your prison term. Hitler  was moreover a popular politician and (MORE)