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Is Santa Claus or Santa Clause correct?

Santa Claus is the name popularly given to the man who  children believe delivers toys on Christmas Eve.    The Santa Clause is the name of a series of movies  starri (MORE)
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What is a rematch clause?

It's a clause in a fight contract which stipulates that if the champion loses his title, he will be given an immediate rematch. In professional wrestling, the person who lost (MORE)

What is Santa Clauses address?

All that is necessary to write on the envelope of a letter to Santa is, on two lines:   Santa Claus    North Pole Other variations include: Santa Claus 1 Reinde (MORE)

What are clauses?

In documents   A specific, separate article in document, usually a treaty, bill,  or some other kind of legally binding document. A document may have  separate clauses d (MORE)

What is clauses?

A clause is a group of words that have a subject and a  predicate and is used as a sentence or part of a sentence.