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Are grasses angiosperms?

Yes,   Grasses have many little flowers bunched together, and having flowers is the major distinguishing characteristic of angiosperms. They are monocots.   http://en.wi (MORE)

How does grass multiply?

Grass must reproduce as does all plants in order for it to grow and multiply. Initially grass is planted from some type of seedling. One this seed germinates and forms a plant (MORE)

Why is there grass?

Grass exists because it has evolved to be able to thrive under wild grazing animals' grazing habits. However the true reason why grass exists is an ultimate evolutionary and b (MORE)

Does grass have flowers?

Yes, grass belonging to family Poaceae has flowers and fruits.   Yes grasses have flowers although they are fairly insignificant.
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What are seas?

  # A tract of water within an ocean.  # A relatively large body of salt water completely or partially enclosed by land.  # A relatively large landlocked body of fresh w (MORE)

Is sea grass really grass?

well, yes, but it is more like seaweed and lives in the ocean, sea, etc.
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What does For love the leaning grasses and two lights above the sea mean?

The line taken from the poem 'Ars Poetica' by Archibald MacLeish signifies two lovers who are always found together, leaning towards each other affectionately ('leaning grasse (MORE)

Is grass a prey?

No. Grass is a PLANT, not an animal, and because of that is not deemed "prey" or a "prey-animal."
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Is there grass on Venus'?

if you are talking about the planet venus..then u are mistaken my friend.have you ever seen volcanoes??? well the lava is qiute hot isn't it? so how about if i say the wholw o (MORE)

Does grass die?

yes grass does die like when you see brown or yellow grass that means its dieing because it is to hot and you have not waterd it