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Why isn't zero divided by zero either zero or one?

Consider the equation 0 times x = 0. This is true for every number x. Divide both sides by 0; we get x = 0/0. So zero divided by zero could be any number at all; it coul (MORE)
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What is zero and constituents on zero in mathematics?

Zero is an integer which belongs to the sets of rational, real and complex numbers. It is the additive identity which means that, for any other number n, n + 0 = n = 0 + n. T (MORE)
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When you divide by zero the answer is always zero?

You cannot divide by zero.  Zero is special in that it does not have a multiplicative inverse.  There is a reason why you did not have to memorize division by 0 tables in (MORE)

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What is zero divided by zero?

In ordinary mathematics, you may not divide by zero. It is considered undefined. Consider the two situations: For the inverse of multiplication 0/0 = a, a could be any number (MORE)
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What is zero to the zero power?

See my related link posts. There's some good information there. This is what's called an indeterminate form. There is some consensus that maybe it should be equal to 1, but (MORE)

What were the zeroes?

    %REPLIES%       Answer     Japanese fighter planes. Also a slang term for "officers".     Answer     Desiree--The Zeroes were (MORE)
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What does a seed do?

Every seed contains an embryonic plant that needs certain  conditions to sprout and grow, and food for the seed to use until  it forms into a plant. Seeds will germinate whe (MORE)
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What is 'zero'?

Zero is a number which is said to mean nothing. The only time it has a value is when it follows a counting number or when it comes before the counting numbers in a decimal.
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