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What was the Siege of Malta?

The Siege of Malta (also known as the Great Siege of Malta) took place in 1565 when the Ottoman Empire invaded the island, then held by the Knights Hospitaller (also known as (MORE)

What is a siege weapon?

Weapons used to attack castles or forts; such as catapaults, grapling hooks, battering rams, or cannons. Let's not forget the shovel. Sappers dig toward a particular wall and (MORE)

What is a siege?

A siege is when a castle, fort, walled town or city is surroundedand nothing is allowed to get in or out. A siege usually continuesuntil the city (or otherwise) either surrend (MORE)

What was the longest siege?

  The longest siege in recorded history was the siege of Candia (present day Iraklion on Crete). The fortified town was besieged by Ottoman Turks for 22 years, from 1648 t (MORE)
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Why do a siege?

People used a Siege in Medieval warfare times to capture the enemy. The attackers would surround the castle and let no one in, and let no one out. The Siege would end when the (MORE)

What was the siege of Athens?

Answer   There were at least 2 sieges of Athens. The other was at the end of the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta. Sparta laid siege to Athens, eventually star (MORE)