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Who is Elora Singer Song Writer?

.   MUSIC    She's been fronting her own rock band, Elora & Gasoline  Alley, since she was 10 and although audience's first impression of  her and her band was th (MORE)

Who are the singers of all ghajini songs?

  Aye Bachchu+ 0   Music: A. R. Rahman   Singer: Suzanne D`Mello   Lyricist: Prasoon Joshi   Tags: Rock, folk   Write a comment View Comments (0)   Be (MORE)
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Do singers write their own songs?

If a singer is very talented but can't write their own songs, they hire songwriters who can't really sing to do it for them. Or, if they just need a little help, they co-write (MORE)

Do you have to write your own songs as a singer?

Not necessarily. A singer is technically a who writes songs is a COMPOSEr. Most celebrities do not write their own songs. That's what hiring composers are for. The (MORE)
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Who is the singer of the song 'its over now'?

The song "It's Over Now" is by the group 112. It came from the group's third album, titled Part III, and it was number one on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Singles and Tracks (MORE)