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Why are the 5 lakes called the great lakes?

When Lewis and Clark found them, they thought they had discovered another ocean. Also they are just enormous.
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Are there dangerous fish in the great lakes?

No, there are no dangerous creatures (to humans) in any of the great lakes (only dangerous to other fish.) You can swim to your heart's content with the peace of mind that you (MORE)
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Why does the Great Salt Lake have salt but the Great Lakes don't?

The Great Salt Lake has salt because it as no outlet, the salt of thousands of years has flowed into the lake. As the water evaporates, it leaves the salt there and it increas (MORE)

How do the Great Lakes and the Great Salt Lakes differ?

The Great Lakes are a collection of five freshwater lakes, The Great Salt Lake is one saltwater lake. The Great Lakes are much larger than the Great Salt Lake. (The Great Lake (MORE)

Where are the Great Lakes?

Location of the Great Lakes You can find the Great Lakes on the border between Canada and the USA. More specifically, they border the states of Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, M (MORE)

Is the Great Salt Lake a great lake?

The Great Salt Lake in Utah is not one of the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes are located in the northeast of the United States on the border with Canada (in Wisconsin, Michigan, (MORE)

Are there five or six great lakes?

There are five: HuronOntarioMichiganErieSuperior == Some would say there are six Great Lakes, the sixth being Georgian Bay, which was once called Lake Manitoulin. Scientists, (MORE)