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What is the plot of Sleeping Beauty?

In the plot of Sleeping Beauty, Sleeping Beauty's jealous  stepmother places a curse on a spindle so that, if Sleeping Beauty  pricks her finger on it, she will sleep for 10 (MORE)

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What is the role of women in Sleeping Beauty?

  In the case of the three faeries, they are protectors or guardians. They kept Briar Rose safe for many years even though she was not their own child. They looked after h (MORE)

Are the fairies in Sleeping Beauty sisters?

In the originals, yes, they were Sisters Faith, Hope,and Charity- Disney knocked out the religious habit- but retained a similar conservative dress- but no religious article (MORE)

Who is the name of the witch in Sleeping Beauty?

Her name was,   Maleficent   Voice actress: Eleanor Audley Not a witch but an evil fairy of the kingdom. Maleficent curses Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) after not being i (MORE)

What is the Sleeping Beauty script?

Characters: Princess Aurora/Briar Rose Prince Phillip Flora Fauna Merryweather Maleficent King Stefan Queen Leah King Hubert Queen Roberta Maleficent's Servants Samson Squirre (MORE)

What is the motivation in Sleeping Beauty?

Ego. Caribosse is angry that she wasn't invited to the christening. And love. The Lilac Fairy tries to protect Aurora and the prince falls in love with her beauty and ends the (MORE)