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Is Jaden Smith and Trey Smith half brothers?

Yes, they are before Jada pinkett smith he had a wife and he had Trey smith so they are half brothers same father, but not the same mom
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How old is Jaden Smith big brother?

Jaden Smith's big brother's name is William Michael Smith. He was the first born and he is, right now, 19 years old. This is a source from Pop tower magazine and Jaden mention (MORE)

Does doctor who Matt Smith have a brother or a sister?

He has a sister, I believe. I don't know her name or how old she is, but she is mentioned in a youtube video called   Doctor Who The Complete Big Questions Part 2
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What is a Smith?

An iron worker. Maker of tools and horseshoes and weapons, in olden times. ***** Smith meant maker or worker- Arrows were made by an arrowsmith, iron was worked by a blacksmit (MORE)

Does Jaden Smith have brothers and sisters?

Jaden smith has a older brother named willard christopher smith lll also know as trey was born in 1995 by will smith and sherre zampino and a sister named willow camille smith (MORE)