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Are clouds soft?

No, clouds are not soft. They are also not hard. They are just  forms of condensation produced from water droplets, so they are not  solid enough to have a texture.
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What is SOFT?

The word SOFT can mean many things.    Acronyms or Abbreviations:   School of Fashion Technology  School of Film and Television  School of Future Technology  Sch (MORE)
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What is a soft reminder?

A soft reminder is a considered to be a friendly reminder  especially asking someone to fulfill an obligation without making  them feel pressured. Most companies may send so (MORE)

What is a soft coastline?

Made up of clay and sands. Erodes quicker than hard rock which is limestone or chalk. Not resistant to weathering and erosion. Eroded quicker than hard rock which creates a ba (MORE)

What is a sentence for softness?

Softness describes the texture of something, maybe something furry or smooth. Here are some examples: The softness of the blanket felt good against my skin. The carpet's s (MORE)

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Is uranium soft?

Hardness of uranium metal: Mohs hardness: 6 Brinell hardness: 2 400MN/m2 Vickers hardness: 1 960 MN/m2 Uranium is very hard and also very dense (19,05 g/cm3). Deplete (MORE)

What is an Adjective for soft?

Soft is an adjective. The noun form is softness and the verb is to  soften, or make soft.
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What is soft coke?

Soft coke is manufactured from non coking coal (The sized (+50 mm)  is charged in the coke oven through charging holes from a coke oven  top. The coal is devolatilized (harm (MORE)

What is machining?

Machining usually refers to performing a mechanical process on a workpiece of any material that changes its physical properties in some way. More commonly it means to use mach (MORE)

What is a soft cast?

A soft cast is a cast used as a temporary fix for a broken or  fractured bone. It is called a soft cast because it is made from  soft fabric like strips wrapped around a pla (MORE)