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Is there sound in space?

No, there is no sound in space because there is no air. Without air sound will not travel anywhere. Sound is created by a wave moving. For a wave to move, it needs a medium. S (MORE)
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If sound travels why does it sound instantly?

The speed of sound is about 340 metres per second, meaning that  for most things you experience, you won't be able to notice the  delay between what you hear and what you se (MORE)
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How you can hear sound?

the vibrations of a sound transmit into the ear then the eardrum turns it into sound THEN it processes it to the brain then you hear it all this happens in about three milli (MORE)

What is the sound pitch?

The Sound Pitch are the (Line) of the tone. You Can choose Slow pitch (slowly song/voice) medium pitch (etc...) and fast pitch (etc...). Hopes it helped.
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What is a long sound and what is a short sound?

A "long" vowel sound is mainly when you hear the "name" of the letter in a word. A short vowel sound is an exhaled sound, such as "ah" or "eh" or "uh." Some sounds are neither (MORE)
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What is sound?

Sound is mechanical wave energy transmitted by vibrations through  matter which is perceptible to the ear and translated by electrical  signals in the brain. Is a disturbanc (MORE)
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What starts sound?

the sound waves when you hit something it will create vibrations and then you will hear. it will travel to you by the sound waves . A sound wave is a regular mechanical vibrat (MORE)
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What does sound travel in?

Sound is your brain's interpretation of a certain frequency range of waves formed by oscillating media, be it a solid, liquid or gas. The waves propagate longitudinally in all (MORE)
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Why is sound called sound?

There is a long stretch of entymology that goes all the way back to Sanskrit through the Middle English soun, which came from Anglo-French son, sun, that is from the Latin son (MORE)