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Do real diamonds sparkle in the dark?

In a cave with zero light, you would not be able to see any reflection from a diamond since there is no light source. However, if there is moonlight, starlight, ambient light (MORE)
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Is sparkle a color?

yes sparkle is a color! Sparkles is a real color, no matter what other people say. I believe that the romans created that color and it is my most favorite color!!
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Can you add sparkle dust to icing?

Yes, you can add sparkle/lustre dust to buttercream or royal icing. Simply add a little and mix well to create a shimmer. I have done this several times and unless you have a (MORE)

Do vampires sparkle?

Only twilight brand vampires do. And to further clear something up, there is a belief that classic vampires die in the sun, however, this is not so. Vampires bursting into fla (MORE)
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Can you get drunk from sparkling water?

If you drank an extensive amount and didn't pee then you would feel 'tipsy'. But that would be near impossible and very dangerous. And by extensive amount I mean litres and li (MORE)

Why do the diamonds sparkle?

Diamonds sparkle when light enters them. Depending on the type of  cut and the workmanship of the cutter a diamond can give off more  or less sparkle. The diamond cutter cut (MORE)