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What is the spirit of anguish?

One answer: "Anguish" is: "extreme pain, distress or anxiety." Among the disputed definitions of "spirit"... one might be: "attitude or feelings." In which case, a "spirit of (MORE)

How can you get the Holy Spirit?

The same way you "get" or receive salvation from your Heavenly Father. You ask Him for it. "Ask, and it shall be given unto you. Good measure, pressed down and shaken together (MORE)
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What is the Holy Spirit about?

Jesus tells us what the holy spirit is at Acts 1:8. "You will receive power when the holy spirit arrives upon you, and you will be witnesses of me both in Jerusalem and in all (MORE)
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Is spirit an antiseptic?

  The term "spirits" can refer to ethanol or beverages containing ethanol, and yes, ethanol is an antiseptic.
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How do you know when a spirit is with you?

you know when you start to see things and get paranoid.i know because my russian grandfather who was in WW2 died(after the war)and i saw him in my bedroom late last night.quic (MORE)

How do you do a spirit bomb?

Contrary to popular belief it is very possible, but it definitely will not be as powerful. Though it will be strong. You have to gather energy from the earth to make you Kai p (MORE)

What is the spirit of Lilith?

Depends whom you ask. In Medieval Judaism, Lillith is the mother of night-weirds and evil dreams. To some modern feminists, Lillith represents the spirit of women's equality w (MORE)

Are there bad spirits?

2ND CONTRIBUTOR: INCLUSION BY ANNUNAKI PSYCHIC SPIRITFAIRIE. Yes, there are bad spirits, and you do not have to learn byexperience to believe it. Let's take a look at the bib (MORE)

Do spirits exist?

There is currently no scientific way to determine the answer to  this. It depends on your faith and your skepticism.   Many people do believe they exist although no one c (MORE)