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Is God spirit the holy spirit?

Yes even though god is a spirit the holy spirit is different. He is the comforter sent to to man as christ was no longer there. The holy spirit first came to the disciples aft (MORE)
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What is supernatural spirit?

Most commonly they are referred to anything that has a consciousness but doesn't have a physical body like what humans are used to seeing on a daily basis. Such as a ghost, an (MORE)
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What is a spirit lamp?

A spirit lamp is like an ordinary lamp,but this lamp uses ethanol ie.ethyl alcohol as a fuel.This lamp is used mostly in laboratories and mainly inside the laminar air flow ch (MORE)

Do you believe in spirits?

Yes, spirits are real, but they are not always seen. They can be heard, felt, or smelled. They can also be contacted through different ways, the most famous and cheapest way i (MORE)

What is a spirit line?

Spirit line is when we chant, the crowd can come on the court or on the field to yell the chant with us and clap. And it is not the same as cheer leading. Cheer leading is stu (MORE)

Where to find a spirit in spirit caller?

You get it in an event. After you beat Alexis Rhodes when she invites you to Blue Girls dorm with a mysterious email. When you go to sleep, you'll "hear" something calling you (MORE)

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