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How do you conduct weddings in spiritualist church?

This service can work as a conventional wedding or, with minor alterations, be used as a Unity Ceremony. I get lovely responses from the couples and the guests. . Rev. Karen (MORE)

Does the General Assembly of Spiritualists believe in reincarnation?

Answer: Spiritualism does not teach reincarnation, though some members may hold this belief. According to a Wikipedia article: Spiritualism is a monotheistic belief system, po (MORE)

How do you convert to become a Spiritualist?

if you are any religion, you'll be one already   -------------------------------------------------------------------   The above answer is entirely wrong. Spiritualist (MORE)

How do you become a spiritualist?

Believe in almost any religion. In philosophy it just means you  believe the spirit can exist outside the body and or you can  communicate with them, which goes to follow. A (MORE)