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Is watermelon rind bad for rabbits?

Although some people give watermelon rinds to their pet rabbits, it can be dangerous for them. These are some of the risks: Poisons -- make sure you wash the rinds with veget (MORE)

Why is corn bad for rabbits?

  Corn, fresh or dried, is NOT safe for rabbits. The hull of corn kernels is composed of a complex polysaccharide (not cellulose and pectin, of which plant cell walls are (MORE)

What type of story is Zomo the rabbit?

Zomo, the rabbit, is a trickster character from West Africa. The tales which he appears in are known as trickster tales. Trickster tales are fables in which a particular anima (MORE)

Is it bad for rabbits to eat carpet?

first answer: No, this is not bad... the rabbit will eventually excrete it after a while. disagreement: Actually, it is very bad for rabbits to eat carpet!! The rabbit will ex (MORE)

How do you spell fierceful?

There is no such word as fierceful. Etymologically, fierce is an adjective and one cannot be "full of fierce." An action would simply be fierce. The proper adjectives that a (MORE)

Is newspaper bad for rabbits?

No. What we use is shavings, because rabbits chew on wood anyway so you might as well give them wood shavings.
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Is it bad for you to give your rabbit a bath?

Rabbits can be given a bath if they have somehow soiled their fur horribly (diahrea, tattoo ink, etc.) but baths should not be done and is not necessary on a routine basis. If (MORE)

Are oats bad for rabbits?

I would not suggest oats. They cause more harm than good. Lots of oats can cause diarrhea and obesity. Also try to avoid lettuce. It has too much water content and is better t (MORE)
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Are prunes bad for rabbits?

rabbits should not eat most kind of dried fruit bannanas are alright but do not feed them anyother fruit so prunes are out of the question
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