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Is it bad if your rabbit has a bump on its foot?

Yes, this might be an abscess. These are extremely common in dogs, cats, and rabbits. They are puss filled lumps that need to be taken care of. If its below the skin, you need (MORE)

Are apples bad for rabbits?

Apples are unhealthy for rabbits if the rabbits eat a lot of them. Apples are a good treat food for rabbits. Apple seeds are toxic to rabbits, so always remove them beforehand (MORE)

Is romaine lettuce bad for rabbits?

No, romaine lettuce is good for rabbits, but too much of it can lead to illness. When you serve romaine lettuce or any plant to a rabbit, wash it well and remove any rotten bi (MORE)

Can rabbits eat bad strawberries?

No. If you don't want bad strawberries, neither does your bunny. Don't ever feed your rabbit rotten or spoiled food. Fresh strawberries are okay for your bunny but only a bite (MORE)

Is it bad for rabbits to eat weetbix?

Yes, it's bad for rabbits to eat Weetabix. Rabbits shouldn't eat any prepared "human" foods at all because they contain sugars, salts, carbs, dairy products, and other additiv (MORE)

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