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What are some of Edgar Allan Poe's stories?

STORIES "The Angel of the Odd" (1844) Comedy about being drunk "The Balloon Hoax" (1844) Newspaper story about balloon travel "Berenice" (1835) Horror story about teeth "T (MORE)

Are Edgar Allan Poe's stories scary?

In a way, yes. It is because most of Poe's stories surround a suspenseful and dark tone so that his readers would receive a chill up their spine. But half of Poe's stories are (MORE)

Why are Edgar Allan Poe stories scary?

His stories are scary because, his life was extremely rough and cruel. The one tragedy that inspired his most famous works (exe Lenore, Annabelle Lee, The Raven, etc.) was whe (MORE)

What are 3 mystery stories that Edgar Allan Poe wrote?

Three stories are   The Murders in the Rue Morgue   The Mystery of Marie Roget   The Purloined Letter    As an added bonus,   The Gold bug Chevalier C. (MORE)

What science fiction story did Edgar Allan Poe write?

"The Unparalled Adventure of One Hans Pfaall" published in 1835 is considered to be a science fiction story. It does have elements of science fiction as far as they would go i (MORE)

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