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Do crocodiles have ears?

yes crocodiles have ears but they are not as noticeable as other animals ears.
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What are crocodile habitats?

Crocodiles can be found (Africa, India, Southeast Asia, Australia, North and South American) in wet habitats such as rivers, lakes, swamps, ponds, waterholes, marshes and wetl (MORE)

Why are crocodiles hunted?

  there skin.its a tough outer layer which can be used for clothes,shoes,handbags,womans accesories etc.
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Where are crocodiles?

  Wild crocodiles are found in North America (from Florida to Mexico), Central and northern South America, as well as Africa (including Madagascar), Asia (from Pakistan to (MORE)

Are crocodiles nice?

Absolutely, if you feed them chicken or red meat they will gladly let you pet them! then they will take you out to dinner, under water, and cuddle with you for the rest of the (MORE)

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Why is a crocodile a reptile?

    A crocodile is a reptile because it is cold blooded and has scaly skin.
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How do crocodiles reproduce?

No, crocodiles have nests of eggs called clutches. Some crocodiles will dig from 10 to 30 feet into a creek bank to create a protected burrow for their nests. They create a hi (MORE)

How a crocodile eats?

They cannot bite off pieces of food like we can. Instead, they jam the prey into some rocks, and twist or roll to wrench chunks of food off the animal. They simply swallow the (MORE)