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What is a personal stylist?

Answer In the USA a personal stylist will analyze your wardrobe and body and basically help you dress better to achieve whatever goals you may be looking for. I have persona (MORE)

What are the stylistic features of novels?

Quite a wonderful question, most of us tend to read novels but fail to get any stylistica features from the same.   To list just but a few, this are some of the stylistic f (MORE)

What is stylistics?

The noun 'stylistics' is a word for the study and interpretation oftexts from a linguistic perspective.
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What is stylistic techniques of prose?

  i want to some details about STYLISTIC TECHNIQUES OF PROSE above 10pages, another topic is PROSE ANALYSIS 5above pages. please send me at or arsh_a (MORE)

What are the stylistic conventions of epic theater?

In a list form: -Stereotyped characters -Minimal set design -The use of song -Banners and signs -Chorus -Actors playing more than one character -Short, episodic s (MORE)

How do you get a stylist on stardoll?

You go to the suite of someone that has a styling studio. On the tab where you can choose to go to their album etc, you choose the one called 'Career'. Once inside their studi (MORE)

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