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Where do you get stockings?

You can get stockings from any shop which deals in the sale of lingerie or wide range of women's clothing. Sometimes the shops which sell normal women's wear may not sell stoc (MORE)

What is the definition of stock?

The word stock has many different definitions. As a noun stock is  defined as the goods or merchandise kept by a business for sale or  distribution or as the capitol raised (MORE)

What is the stock exchange?

The stock exchange is a place where stocks, bonds, or other securities are bought and sold. A centralized location was needed for people to go to to do this, because mass co (MORE)

What is stock control?

Stock control is a way to control inventory for buisnesses. Stock control could be done by a computer to make sure inventory does not get out of control.
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What is stock reserve?

Many a times, it so happens that a manufacturer, consignor or a head office does not directly engage in selling its products. It instead sends or consigns the goods to a profi (MORE)

Beside 165R15 what other tires will fit stock wheels and fenders on 1973 super beetle?

The original tires were 145r15, your 165r15's are already oversized. Coker Tire carries the proper Firestone 145r15 Beetle tires. Not on a 1973--stock size W (MORE)

What is stocking?

Stocking can be work that is done to keep items carefully on hand, such as stocking the shelves in a grocery store or the shelves in your pantry. The act of building up an amo (MORE)

What is a definition of a stock in the stock market?

A stock is a certificate that indicates or is a proof of your ownership in a company. When a company needs capital, it issues shares or stocks that investors can buy for a sta (MORE)

What is stock ticking?

continually selling small amounts of shares in order to drive the share price down, a common practice by naked illegal short sellers. sell 100 shares every 5-10 seconds, in il (MORE)