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When does Rip Van Winkle take place?

The story was published in 1819, so clearly it should take place before then. The actual setting is partly before the revolutionary war and partly after it. Rip sleeps for abo (MORE)
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Is Mr Winkle dead?

Mr. Winkle is very much alive if any one say that the Mr. Winkle is dead there wrong.
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Where does the surname Winkle come from?

The surname Winkle comes from Old English. The word means, "wine" which represented "friend" in Old England.
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Climax of the story of rip van winkle?

I think the climax is when Rip returns back to town because he sees that no one recognizes him, his house is decaying, and notices the picture of General Washington on the new (MORE)

What is the theme of rip van winkle?

  The main theme is that   New generations come along that bring change, but old values and traditions-as well as family lines-remain alive and thriving.
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What does rip van winkle look like?

Rip van Winkle is portrayed as an old man with a very long beard.  This appearance indicates that he had slept for 20 years, aging but  not experiencing the passage of time. (MORE)

What is a Winkle Tribal map projection?

A Winkle Tribal map projection is a modified azimuthal map  projection. This is one of three projection.
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