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Who scared poor peter rabbit?

Mr. McGregor was the man that scared poor Peter Rabbit. Mr.  McGregor was scaring Peter Rabbit out of his garden.

Who scared Peter Rabbit?

Peter was scared by Mr. McGregor, who owned the garden that Peter Rabbit fell asleep in after eating the chamomile leaves (even back then they knew chamomile tea was like a sl (MORE)

How old is Peter Rabbit?

i dont think anyone knows   He first appeared in The Tale Of Peter Rabbit in 1902. Which makes him at least 107 years old. Not a bad age for a rabbit.
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What is the plot of The tale of Peter Rabbit?

Peter Rabbit, his sisters Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail, and his mother are anthropomorphic rabbits who dress in human clothing and generally walk upright on their hind legs, (MORE)

What is the moral of the tale of peter rabbit?

The Tale of Peter Rabbit is a moral of compliance. Peter's mother warns her four children, in her absence, not to do something. The warning comes with a possible dire conseque (MORE)

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